Terms and Conditions


By accessing, using, modifying, storing, or exchanging any part of this software and data (CODE), you agree to enter into this binding legal contract:

  1. You can occupy the sections of virtual land that you are renting on this website, and make use of the modules, appliancies and utilities contained therein.
  2. You may not share your tenancy with third parties. You are responsible for all liabilities related to your tenancy.
  3. You may not reverse engineer or otherwise tamper with the CODE in order to defraud or disable others, or to disrupt the normal functioning of the website. You must use a web browser to access the website, and not use automated or robotic tools to do so.
  4. If you discover any bugs or errors, you will report them to us, and refrain from triggering them.
  5. Permission must be gained from the owner regarding the way the CODE is attributed, commercially exploited, and derived from.

Data related to your usage of the website may be collected in order to anticipate problems and better program the website.

No data will be willingly shared with third parties, although as is the case for most of the internet, data can be collected upstream by network providers and security agencies over which we have no control, and malicious operating systems and apps installed on your devices over which you do have control.

Logs are routinely deleted after being processed. Privacy is important to us, and we take no interest in your personal data.

For enquiries regarding other licencing models, get in contact.