State-of-the-art secure architecture for use on all web-enabled devices, built on Node.js, MongoDB & HTML5
Messaging. All staff can see actions pertaining to them as they happen, as well as company-wide chatter.
By-example help system. Enable help mode and query features simply by hovering over them, instead of drilling down through a separate FAQ or reference manual
Import/export data. Input company and stock data, or backup for use in external apps or in case of a storage failure. Supports Excel XLSX, CSV and JSON formats.

Sales app

Easy order processing. Type-ahead customer, stock & SO/PO search.
Synchronised data for all staff on all orders. Add notes to existing orders.
Margin/profit calculator with currency convertor.
PDF sales quote generator. Easily apply delivery methods, charges, dates and locations.

Accounts app

Full or customized audit trail views. Automatically match payments to invoices. Add notes to existing orders.
Currency & VAT utilities. PDF Sales Order generator.
Asset control tool with in-built register. Easy cash flow visibility and control utility.

Stock Control app

Add and edit stock items. Multiple-field columns: part codes, locations, conditions, serial numbers, stock (available, incoming and reserved), photos.
Single-field columns: description, cost, minimum sales price, last updated, manufacturer,
Drag'n'drop or webCam photo import. In/out YTD stats.
Adjustments are synchronised across the business in real-time.

Goods In/Out app

Overview of incoming and outbound wares. Add notes to orders.
Supports the quick confirmation of deliveries, allowing the deferral of time-consuming tasks like barcode input for later.
Mark stock as passed or failed; generate RMAs for bad deliveries. Process RMAs from customers.
Add pictures of products using a webCam or drag'n'drop

Customer Relations app

Quick access to all companies and contacts within your accounts.
Add and edit details such as addresses, VAT number, and prefered currency.
Update contacts' email, address, telephone and position.

Business Intelligence app

View sales history, customer history, and stock history.
Generate detailed reports on sales activities. Choose columns and limits, and save custom views.
Coloured charts and graphs to visualize sales, popular stock, team performance and top customers.
Export generated reports to CSV or Excel.

Admin app

Configurable security for staff management. Create teams, edit members. Control access to accounts, abilities and records.
Special teams:
execs: have full control over all staff and accounts.
sellers: have sell access to the Sales/Orders app.
buyers: have full access to the Sales/Orders app.
accounts: have full access to the Accounts app.
pickers: have full access to the warehouse app.
staff: everyone should be in this team - it provides access to company chat and the flow of orders.
Reassign accounts and privileges held by one staff member to another.

Stocktrump has a simple, lightning-fast interface with a suite of apps catering for all types of staff. Self-hosted or Cloud options are available.
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